Wind farms generated more energy than nuclear plants in Sweden| glObserver Global Economics

On Monday, Sweden’s 5.5GW of wind farms contributed additional energy to the Scandinavian country’s grid than its 9.5GW of nuclear power plants, a renewable energy succcess that prompted the below tweet by the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Christiana Figuerres.

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To put this in context, Sweden – which has one of the world’s highest individual levels of energy consumption – generated 152.5TWh in 2013, of which 65.8TWh (43%) was from nuclear and 61.3TWh (40%) from hydro. Wind provided only 10TWh and various fossil fuels 5TWh and biofuels & waste 10.6TWh. (Apparently, by law, grid operator Svenska Kraftnatt must ensure there is about 2,000 MWe winter reserve capacity.)

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