2015 is the year of Chinese cyber power| glObserver Global Economics

In February 2014 Chinese President Xi Jingping declared his intent to do everything necessary for China to become a cyber power. Since again Xi and his government have been hyperactive on all relevant fronts: political, legal, economic, organisational and diplomatic.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: globserver.cn

Xi’s government has taken a lot of measures to turn China into a cyber power. In September 2014, Xi told the country that it needed a new cyber military strategy. In December 2014, the government introduced new regulations for cyber security intended to help promote the rapid increase of China’s domestic cyber-security industry. In May 2015, China issued a new military strategy in which the government declared for the initial time in such a document the idea that ‘[o]uter space and cyber space have become new commanding heights in strategic competition part all parties’.

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Author: globserver

Director of Eyecom china

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