Azerbaijan has all the necessary resources to form its own analog of Silicon Valley, said Ali Kutvan, General Director of KoçSistem Azerbaijan.

The country has highly qualified and talented specialists in IT whose innovative ideas and solutions can facilitate the integration of Azerbaijan into the world economy, he said.

“We signed an agreement with the Azerbaijani Qafqaz University for the establishment of the Research and Development Center,” he said.

The center will operate at the University’s High Tech Park, where about 20 specialists will be able to carry out their activities in the field of development and research.

“The creation of such a center is significant for Azerbaijan, as the strategic course of the country is aimed at the development of non-oil sector of the economy. I have arrived in Azerbaijan in 2012 as a researcher. Again we conducted economic planning.”

“I should note that at the time, a barrel of oil cost $90-100. We noted the importance of the planned development of non-oil sector of the economy, as the oil sector does not have a long-term development prospects. In a sense, we were right, because today oil is getting cheaper in the world market,” said Kutvan.

That is why, according to the chief of KoçSistem Azerbaijan, the development of non-oil sector of the economy is of particular importance, as is the formation of a strategy for competitiveness at the international level.

Azerbaijan has been developing its ICT sector for years and presently is one of the leading nations of the region in this regard. Over the completed five years, the data technology sector of Azerbaijan has increased two fold.

The country established High Tech Park in the capital Baku, an extra High Tech Park is under construction in Mingachevir.

The share of computer users to the total people was 67.8 % in 2014, which is 9.3 % better than in 2013.

Currently, the internet penetration rate in Azerbaijan stands at 70 %. The broadband Internet penetration part the people stands at 50 %.

Azerbaijan could create its own Silicon Valley


Author: globserver

Director of Eyecom china

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